'Suits' Season 5: Sarah Rafferty Can't Imagine Donna And Harvey Sustaining A Romantic Bond


"Suits" actress Sarah Rafferty thinks that making Donna and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) a romantic couple could be a great idea, but she personally feels that it would never happen on the legal drama series.

"I'll never say never," Rafferty told Digital Spy of the possibility of seeing the pair become boyfriend and girlfriend on the hit USA series. "It could be amazing, and we have great writers who could create that scenario for us. But it's not something that I see happening. Though I could be wrong. I've been wrong before!"

According to the 43-year-old actress, Donna's love for Harvey "waxes and wanes" and "mostly lives in her subconscious."

"I don't think either of them understand[s] what kind of love they have for each other," Rafferty added. "They don't know whether it's a brother / sister thing [or something else]. I think that they're confused."

Interestingly, Macht has somewhat similar thoughts about Donna and Harvey's relationship.

"I don't see them as being romantic," Harvey told Fox News. "I see them as having a one-time fling, and I know it can be perceived by some fans that these people are secretly in love with each other and may be not dealing with it, but I see them as, you know, Donna is Harvey's right-hand woman. Let's see how that plays out."

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