‘Banshee’s Antony Starr: A True Man of Action


Antony Starr is Lucas Hood. Not literally, but when it comes to Starr’s resume as an actor, he has invested more of himself in Cinemax’s Banshee than any actor on the planet these past three years. They share bone marrow, identity and a connection few actors and roles can compare to in Hollywood. Starr doesn’t go off and shoot six commercials, three other television shows or movies during the show’s hiatus. He rests and recuperates while he tries to shed a character that has consumed him and blown away the audience of this hit series.

The HBO sister network powered show requires six months of shooting per year, and the fourth and final season(debuting April 4th) shapes up to be its most explosive, powerful and visceral dose of entertainment yet. What does that mean for Starr, who plays the lead character, Hood? Full immersion, blood, sweat and tears along with one overused wrist wrap. It’s a 24/7 performance. For a show as brutally violent with pulp fiction blood running through its veins, Banshee needs a true man of action like Starr. Without that rigorous and consistent effort, the show would shrink closer to lame interpretation.

According to original showrunner and executive producer Greg Yaitanes, the 40 year New Zealand native “brings this enormous amount of humanity to a very challenging character to root for.” Hood isn’t your typical protagonist. He is an ex-thief who gets out of prison, heads to a small town named Banshee to track down the love of his life(the lovely and fierce Ivana Milicevic) and through a ridiculous series of events, becomes the town Sheriff. A war involving an Amish gangster, a Kinaho tribe leader, and a military compound maniac ensues over the three seasons. Stuck in the middle is Starr’s Hood, getting pummeled and shot at every step of the way.

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